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Potholes on Sudan Road in Peach County are 'Driving Me Crazy'

Debbie Shanks says Peach County fills in the potholes, but with folks driving over the patches, the problem is back in a couple of weeks

PEACH COUNTY, Ga. — It seems like it's pothole season in Central Georgia. One woman in Peach County says her neighborhood street is full of them and when the county patches them up, they’re only temporary solutions to the problem.

She says she's fed up and it's driving her crazy!

13WMAZ’s Jessica Cha met up with her to see what she had to say. 

"It's a short street. Why can't they just fix it? My name is Debbie Shank, I live on Sudan Street and the potholes here are driving me crazy!”. 

Shanks has been living in her home for 22 years. She says she's noticed the potholes for years on this little mile stretch of road. 

"I go to dodge the potholes and, I mean, they're all up and down the road,” she explains. 

Shanks says what makes it worse is Peach County's temporary solution. She says the county fills in the potholes , but with folks driving over the patches, the problem is back in a couple weeks.

"All the money that they've spent on putting band-aids on all the time, they could've just paved it,” Shanks says. “Then they wouldn't have to keep coming back and putting patches on it all the time.".

Bobby Cowart is Peach County's public works director.

"We don't want to put a band-aid on an actively bleeding wound, we want to fix every issue,” he says. 

Cowart says they’re already trying to address the temporary pothole issue. He says someone on Sudan Road put out a work order to patch the holes, and Cowart says they were out on location patching them the same day. 

"I've implemented a new system so instead of just going out and patching an existing pothole, we cut a hole in each pothole. We have an emulsion solution that we use as well to properly patch that, so it's not a recurring issue as often,” he explains. 

Cowart says Sudan Road will be repaved, but he can't say when. He says the county is paving every road–270 miles of it–  but they're taking care of the dangerous, or heavily traveled areas first. 

"Our goal is to get 100% of of paving throughout the county over the next few rounds of SPLOST, and additional funds that we go through our budget years,” he says. 

Cowart says they've only had four calls about the road, none from Shanks, and they guarantee they will take care of any work orders within 72 hours. 

He says that folks with concerns are very welcome to contact Peach County’s public works department a (478)-825-8717.

If you have a problem that is driving you crazy, you can fill this survey, or email us with the subject line “Driving Me Crazy.” 

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