Cedric Newton, in his sixth month working for Meals on Wheels of Middle Georgia, prepares to go out on food deliveries.

"When I get in, pretty much first thing I do is prepare the meals, put the meals in the bags and put the ice in the coolers for the milk," Newton said.

Newton packs up his van and gets ready for his three to four hours of driving to deliver meals.

We are now going on several days heat advisories, meaning heat index values are soaring into the triple digits. 

This dangerous heat makes the jobs of the folks at Meals on Wheels that much more important.

"Sometimes, they don’t have family members that do come on a regular basis, but I will be there every day so they can see somebody every day," Newton said.

 "If they don’t answer, then we can report it and they can get someone to come and check on them," Newton continued.

Interim Executive Director for Meals on Wheels Middle Georgia Susan Gregory says not only do they provide food and friendship to hundreds of people, but ways to stay cool.

"During this time, we have provided fans for clients that indicated that they have no other way to keep cool," Gregory said.

This is a service Newton says he would want for his family..

“I have a mom who’s an elder lady, but she has family members that do check on her. I see how important it is that you do check on your family members,” Newton said.

Gregory says this is something she's glad to give the community as a whole. 

"They know that every day when that Meals on Wheels van shows up that their neighbor is OK."

Newton says going out in the heat to deliver meals and check on his clients is just a small way of caring for those who cared for us growing up. "They can't help themselves. They did their job. Now, it’s time to take care of them."

If you or someone you know is in need of the Meals on Wheels service, call Meals on Wheels Middle Georgia at 478- 745-9140.

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