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'They didn't take the time to look:' Motorcycle fatalities on the rise in Georgia

Macon-Bibb County has had three motorcycle fatalities since Thursday.

MACON, Ga. — Macon has seen three deadly motorcycle crashes in the past four days.

With the lighter vehicle and lack of safety equipment in cars, that's often the outcome in those cases. 

One safety expert says there are things you can do to protect bikers when you're on the road.

With warmer weather, more bikers are hitting the road, but the wide open road also brings some big risks.

According to Macon-Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones, Emery Highway, Shurling Drive, and Mercer University Drive are three roads recently added to the list of motorcycle fatalities.

While the locations may vary, he says there's a common thread. 

Jones said, "99% of the wrecks that I've worked involving motorcyclists, it was always a motorist that didn't see the driver."

Trey Faulk happens to be know what that looks like.

Faulk said, "They didn't take the time to look and they just come over -- no blinker, no nothing."

In a matter of seconds, his life almost ended when a pickup truck ran him off the road.

"That wreck could've left my wife as a widow and my three kids without a father, all because they couldn't wait two seconds," said Faulk.

Roger Hayes with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety says this happens all too often.

"They'll tend to not see them as much as a small footprint on the highway," said Hayes.

In addition, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, per Hayes, 2019 was deadly for Bibb County.

Out of their 35 fatalities, eight of them were motorcyclists. 

For context, Hayes conveyed 2019's statewide numbers.

Hayes said, "In 2019, which is our last certified data, in the State of Georgia, we had 170 motorcycle fatalities."

The answer? Hayes says to signal your intentions, always look in your mirrors before changing lanes, and don't tailgate a motorcyclist.

After speaking with a couple of other motorcyclists, they asked that drivers also be extra careful on windy days, as bikers can blow into lanes just like semis can.

In addition, Hayes says homeowners can unknowingly put motorcyclists in danger with their grass clippings. 

By sweeping the grass off the road, you will lower a motorcyclist's chances of slipping off the road. 

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