MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Towns have things they're known for, like Peach County is well known for peaches and Washington County is known for kaolin.

But sometimes great things are happening and it's hard to know about it.

Baldwin County has a business that's shipping all over the country and it's called BattlBox.

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It's a small group of guys catering to men who want a little something coming in the mail every month -- and you never know what you'll get in a BattlBox.  

Subscriptions run from about $30-150 a month.

Patrick Kelley and his partner started the business aimed at campers, outdoors men and survivalists.

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It all got started one day when Patrick and his friend were sitting around and his friend's wife got a box in the mail, and they said 'hey we want a box,' so they said 'let's create one.'

"We built the site in two weeks, we launched [and] basically begged all of our friends to tell everybody they knew," Kelley said. 

Word got out fast. 

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"We ship 10,000-14,000 a month." 

It's all done from a warehouse that sits in the shadow of the Milledgeville water tower.

Currin Brandon is the face of BattlBox, the pitchman, but he also gets to play a lot with the stuff that comes through the line. 

"Yeah, that's 60 percent of what I do is try to go out and destroy things. And if it passes the test, the next thing in line is to see where it fits."

They've fit some pretty big items into a mailbox. 

"Like we sent a rifle bag that was 36 inches long," said Kelley. 

"One of the coolest ones we've sent out was a SaberBack Bowie, it was almost like a machete like size blade," Brandon added.

They've sliced through the competition and had some good times along the way.

"You want to remain on top and we've done that and we strive to continue to do that," Brandon sad about the experience.