DUBLIN — If you love music and art, we have the perfect event for you this weekend.

On Friday, DubJam is celebrating three years since the event started, and for Ryan Hollbrook, he says DubJam is where his artwork was born.

Holbrook spent this week getting his artwork ready for DubJam, a three-day festival featuring bands and artists.

"I do wire wraps which is a different type of jewelry made from stones, varying from stones that I find, to ones I may buy from stores, from places I visit," Holbrook said.

About 15 other artists are going to join Holbrook who says DubJam sparked his passion for doing wire wraps.

"At DubJam I actually did a tutorial and taught people how to do wire wraps, and that was kind of the catalyst that helped it become a bigger thing, which is what it is becoming now," Holbrook said.

Artists at DubJam will work on things like tree carving art and spray painting while the festival is going on, and music will also fill the air with bands from across Georgia.

"We bring 13 different musicians," Rebecca McWilliams with Visit Dublin said.

McWilliams says food trucks will also be at the event, so you might want to bring some cash.

Organizers say for Dubjam there aren't many rules, but the number one rule you need to follow is to have a good time.

Lawn chairs and alcoholic beverages are allowed, but your alcohol must be in a plastic container, not a glass bottle.

Holbrook says taking part in a music festival in his own backyard makes him proud to call Dublin home.

"Something that is part of a town that has been here for so long, and it's breathed new life into Stubbs Park, and Dublin itself," Holbrook said.

For McWilliams, she says events like DubJam keep the community together and bring new people to Dublin.

"It's important for the community to support an event like this, but it really draws people from this state and surrounding states," McWilliams said.

DubJam starts Friday at 6 p.m., and event organizers say they will have signs to point out where you can park because there will be street closures nearby.

Details about Saturday and Sunday can be found here.