MACON, Ga. — Many everyday tasks require water -- things like washing clothes or simply flushing the toilet. 

Nana Henry has two kids and a household to run. When she came home from work Tuesday, she found an orange slip on her door. Henry had a familiar feeling as she read that the water will be turned off in 30 days. 

"Many times. This isn't the first, second, nor third time this has happened. Nobody should have to go through this, especially when you pay your rent on time," said Henry.

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According to Macon Water Authority Chief Financial Officer Guy Boyle, earlier this month Crystal Lake's owner paid them $16,000. 

Boyle says since last summer to early December, the owners made only partial payments.

They haven't made any payments since December 17th. Boyle says he has called Crystal Lake management and representatives countless times, and last talked to a company lawyer last week.

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"I was told that they could not make a commitment for payment, and that he would be back in touch with me. That was last Friday of last week, and I still haven't heard," says Boyle. 

Boyle says his hands are tied and that the authority's only option is to turn the water off. For Henry, a home without water isn't a home at all.

"I was just going to try and wait until my lease was up and everything, but the way things are going, seems like everybody's lease is up," said Henry.