Washington County's sheriff has identified the three officers involved in last week's fatal tasing.

He says Deputy Michael Howell, Sgt. Lee Copeland and Deputy Rhett Scott are on paid administrative leave pending the GBI's investigation.

Sheriff Thomas Smith gave this description of the case:

He said the officers responded to a report of a "suspicious person" at a home.

The officers trying to take Eurie Martin in custody and used their stun devices "multiple times."

They noticed that Martin "was experiencing physical distress" and called for an ambulance.

Martin was "unresponsive" when EMTs arrived and they could not revive him. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Sheriff Smith says he contacted the GBI immediately.

He declined to comment further on details of the death, due to the GBI investigation.

The sheriff wrote, "I am aware of the concerns of the public about the incident, and I share those concerns."

He said he wanted to assure people in Washington County and Martin's family that a "thorough and independent investigation" will be done.

Smith also offered thoughts and prayers for Martin's family.