Dr. John Wood, emergency medicine specialist at the Medical Center Navicent Health, says that this year is the biggest flu season since 2008. “We’re seeing a lot of flu patients, just like everybody else,” said Wood.

Wood says that the flu has been affecting their ability to see everyone in their waiting room. He recommends people to stay at home unless they have an uncontrollable fever or they can’t keep food down. “Tylenol and Motrin are big for body aches, drink plenty of fluids, and then rest. The things your mom would tell you -- the chicken noodle soup, lots of fluids, lay on the sofa, watch some bad television. Just don’t go out and spread it, and rest,” said Wood.

Robin Crosby found out she was sick with the flu three days before Christmas. Her daughter and her husband had also gotten it at the same time. They called themselves the “Flu Crew” and quarantined themselves from the rest of their family. To deal with their symptoms, Crosby said, “We went back and forth between hot tea and popsicles.”

She said that they all drank lots of liquids -- cranberry juice was her favorite -- but she said that the support from her family was some of the best medicine. “I think it’s our friends and family that made us feel special that even though we were homebound, they would leave us care packages at our front door. I feel like that went a long way to making us not feel left out,” said Crosby.

Crosby was not able to spend Christmas with her parents and grandchildren. She said, “We put the presents out for the family outside, and to see them drive away, especially with my two grandchildren, was very difficult.” Even though they didn’t get to celebrate Christmas Day, Crosby said they were able to spend time together after the holidays and they opened up some presents then.