With the snow and bitter cold we have been dealing with, we have some tips to keep your car safe while your on the road.

We still have a couple of months until winter ends. Del Outlaw at Del's Auto Shop told us how you can keep your car in tip-top shape over the winter season.

"Main thing is keep your car taken care of -- maintain it, keep it (gas tank) at least a quarter of tank or above -- you don't want to run on fumes in case you get in a situation -- and keep your antifreeze up a level. You don't wanna bust any engines," Outlaw said.

Outlaw made one simple statement about keeping your car in working condition, "Your car takes cares of you, so you should take care of it."

He said taking care of your car includes making sure everything is good from top to bottom. "Many cars now have tire pressure sensors. They will let you know when they get low. When the weather gets cool, it's going to lose pressure, your light is going to tell you, on the older cars that don't have it, keep a check on it," said Outlaw.

He said that you may want to wake up a few minutes earlier to prep your car for the day. "It does help it to help lubricate it a little bit before you take off, by no means you are not going to hurt it letting it warm up," Outlaw said, talking about warming up your vehicle in the morning.

In addition to making sure your car is in good condition under the hood, you also want to make sure you keep it clean on the outside after a snowstorm. According to your mechanic.com, the combination of salt, snow, and moisture can rust the body of your car over time.

"Definitely, if it sits there too long, ice is going to build up on your car. You definitely do not want that sitting on there too long, and sometimes it can chip off on paint, sometimes," said Jonathan Osborn, manager of Fountain Car Wash on Hardeman Ave.

For a few more tips, check this link.