Every Friday in May, 13WMAZ's Suzanne Lawler hit the road in search of Central Georgia's Barbecue Bosses! Ribs, chicken, and all of the fixings are just some of the things she took a bite of.

Since it's Memorial Day weekend, it's the perfect time for you to check out some of the best barbecue that Central Georgia has to offer. Here are the 5 Barbecue Bosses that you should try.


Old Clinton Barbecue

Old Clinton Barbecue in Jones County has stood in the area since 1958. Back then, they just served pulled pork sandwiches, but they've since expanded their menu to include ribs and chicken. It's a family-owned business, and the regulars say that's made a difference in its success. Read more >>


Lil' Benny's Smokehouse

Benny Burk has always loved barbecue. In fact, he gave it away to friends and neighbors. They urged him to open up a restaurant. He did, and at first, it was only a carry-out place, now it's got plenty of tables with folks sitting down to a meal and great conversations. Read more >>


Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes began as the idea of Dionn and Gary Lanton. They have a competition barbecue team and eventually wanted to make their passion their job. They have a food truck that stays in the same space for lunch and dinner. Read more >>


Birdcat Restaurant

If you're looking for a homey space, a creative menu, and good food, head to Birdcat Restaurant off North Columbia Street about a stone's throw from Lake Sinclair. They go whole hog on a pork burger -- it comes with pulled meat, pimento cheese, bacon jam, lettuce, tomato, and a fried egg. Read more >>


Martin's Barbecue

Richard Martin and his son Matthew begin their work week at 3 a.m. They chunk ribs, pork, and brisket on a grill that's fueled only by wood and charcoal. They believe in cooking every morsel fresh every day, and when they run out at lunchtime, they simply close. Read more >>