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Tree removal services busy after Irma

It's tough enough if you just have to deal with small debris from tropical storm Irma, but what if you weren't so lucky and an entire tree came down in your yard? What if you were even less lucky and it didn't come down in your yard, but on your house? What do you do?

You call a company like Gray Brothers Tree Service. And many have.

"Oh, gosh, I think in the first four days, we had over 300 calls," said Marnie Gray of Gray Brothers.

Gray Brothers was called out to situations like George Yaughn III's, where a tree fell on the roof of his apartment.

"We heard a loud thud of course during all the high winds and everything it was really crazy," said Yaughn.

Gray says the work has been hard but they're up to the challenge.

"It's like a fireman, somebody that provides a service that no Joe Blow can do," Gray said. "You know, we have the equipment and the know-how and the want to help, so we need to be out there doing it."

And even though he's had to wait two weeks to get a tree off his roof, Yaughn says things could have been way worse.

"I mean, we kept power through the whole experience, and even though there's trees on the actual home itself, it didn't actually puncture through and cause any major damage," said Yaughn.

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