Local tree services are out clearing trees that are at risk of falling over, and according to Gray Brothers Tree Service's Marnie Gray, it's not always the trees you expect that are the most vulnerable.

"I had a customer yesterday who said 'that dead tree didn't even move during the storm,' because the wind blew right through it," said Gray. "You might lose a limb here and there from a dead tree, but the majority of trees that come up and over are live just because they catch so much more wind."

With the added surface area of leaves, those lives trees can come under more stress during high winds than their dead counterparts.

One actual sign your tree could need attention is a beetle infestation.

Gray says you can spot them by looking for sawdust at the base of your trees. When beetles burrow into trunks, they leave telltale sawdust at the base of the tree.

Tree rot can also cause problems.

But if you're noticing problems now and need help in the next few days you might be out of luck. Most tree services are still slammed with work from Irma.

If you're thinking about taking matters into your own hands, Gray advises against it.

"Too many homeowners and ladders and chainsaws. Dangerous. You know, it's not [a] good combination if you don't have proper training."

For now, the best option is to stay clear of worrisome trees and call a professional to get on their schedule as soon as possible.