The trial for the second man accused of killing Perry teen Sam Poss, 20-year-old Brandon Warren, began Tuesday.

Dakota White, the other defendant in this case, was found guilty on all six counts against him last week -- those charges included malice and felony murder.

Warren is charged with the same six, including the two murder charges and two other counts of aggravated assault.

May 15, 9 A.M.

Opening statements are given to the jury in Courtroom Four under the supervision of Judge Edward Lukemire.

Lead prosecutor and assistant district attorney Greg Winters says Warren wrote a letter to his father after being arrested that will detail what happened the night Poss was killed.

He also says the prosecution will present messages sent between White and Warren leading up to the alleged murder.

Warren's defense attorney, Jeffrey Grube, says the prosecution's case comes down to the testimony of Dakota White.

"A convicted and confessed killer," Grube says about White.

Grube repeatedly referenced White's lies to law enforcement while they were looking for Poss back in October of 2016.

May 15, 9:35 A.M.

Poss' father, Christian, takes the stand for the second time in two weeks as a witness for the prosecution.

He told Winters about the weekend Poss went missing, their subsequent searching and their first conversations with White.

Grube asked Poss if he had ever heard Sam talk about Brandon, or if he ever came over to the house. Poss says he had not heard about him.

Grube then questioned Poss about his interactions with Dakota White and White's apparent lies during the search process.

May 15, 10:20 A.M.

Gerard Warren, Brandon's father, took the stand and examined the knives allegedly used in the killing and the letter Brandon wrote him.

Winters asked Warren if one of the knives came from his home or if he recognized it.

Warren said he had difficulty knowing for sure if it was a knife from his home.

Winters also asked Warren to start discussing the contents of the letter.

Warren said the letter talked about Dakota telling Brandon he thought about killing someone.

Warren also said Brandon told him White had tried putting the cords around Brandon's neck as a sort of test run.

Eventually, Judge Lukemire stopped the questioning and after talking with the attorneys, dismissed Warren, and told him they'd call him back later.

May 15, 10:45 A.M.

Winters called three witnesses from the Perry Police Department to testify about the weekend Poss went missing and their investigators' collection of evidence.

Prosecutors also asked the three about how they collected DNA evidence in this case, including DNA evidence gathered from Warren's family.

Grube asked all three if they were aware of White's lying to investigators during the investigation.

He also asked if any eyewitnesses other than White could place Warren at the crime scene.

When questioning Perry Police Cpt. Heath Dykes about White's claim that he only asked Poss over in October 2016 to fix a computer issue, they had this exchange:

Grube: "That's not true either."

Dykes: "Yes sir, that's not true."

May 15, 11:40 A.M. -- Court broke for lunch

May 15, 1:15 P.M. -- Warren's father takes the stand a second time

Warren took the stand to be questioned after Judge Lukemire ruled parts of the letter could be used as evidence in the trial.

Warren claimed his son's letter says White asked if he could kill Warren. Warren said no, so they eventually moved on to targeting Poss.

Warren says his son wrote that while driving back to White's house, with Poss in the car, he tried to drive slowly, with lights on and swerve to get someone's attention. But, Winters pointed out that Warren never stopped the car, drove it to a police station or stopped at a gas station to get someone's attention.

While being questioned, Warren said his son's letter puts the blame for the stabbing and strangulation on White.

In the letter, Warren writes that Poss asked White, "What are you doing?" and White replied, "Killing you."

When Grube questioned Gerard Warren, he had him read the end of the letter.

"I don't want to die ever, I trusted him," Warren read to the courtroom.

Warren added that his son's letter said he, "Sat in fear" as White did the killing.

May 15, 2 P.M. -- White takes the stand

Dakota White took the stand next.

White was questioned by both the prosecution and the defense for roughly an hour and 40 minutes.

White told the prosecution the same story the courtroom heard last week in his own trial from taped interviews from October of 2016.

White told the courtroom that Warren stabbed Poss at least three times and that the two came up with the plan together.

Grube repeatedly referenced White's lies to investigators and the Poss family. He also asked White why they picked Sam, White did not reply.

Grube also repeatedly asked White to confirm that it was his plan the whole time and after the murder, it was White himself who hid evidence and lied to investigators without Warren's knowledge.

Grube questioned White for roughly 40 minutes.

May 15, 5:30 P.M. - Trial was put in recess