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Your new favorite Instagram spot just opened in downtown Macon

Founder Ric Geyer says local art is important because it allows people to express themselves and enhance their skills.

MACON, Ga. — All artists in Macon finally have a place to freely express themselves. Triangle Arts Macon is open after three years of work. It's an artist space that allows people to come create.

“Every city needs a space like this -- and need is a funny word -- but every city can use a place like this. There are always people who are creative and are looking for an outlet and this kind of a space gives people both,” said founder Ric Geyer.

The current location of Triangle Arts Macon used to be the home of a company named Triangle Chemical. Geyer purchased the space and has now turned it into workshop spaces and galleries for artists. He kept Triangle in the because he wanted to keep the imagery of bringing people together.

Triangle Arts Macon holds diversity as one of its values. Geyer says the main theme of their space is 'diversity drives creativity.'

He has opened three similar places in Detroit and in Atlanta, but the Macon location is special because it houses the largest collection of street art in Central Georgia.

In fact, they allow artists to come and paint anywhere on their property as long as there isn’t art currently in the space. Geyer says they find new artworks all the time.

He says local art is important because it allows people to not only have an outlet to express themselves, but to also have a place to enhance their skills and sell art.

He says that Macon has the potential to be a hub for artists like Asheville is to North Carolina. Geyer says he wants Macon to be the Asheville of Central Georgia.

"Macon has the heritage, it has the innovation, it has the spirit; so we’re working on trying to do that,” he said.

Triangle Arts Macon is hosting its grand opening Saturday, Dec. 11 at 6:30 p.m. Its regular hours are noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. They're located at 206 Lower Elm St.


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