MACON, Ga. — Swiping a credit card is painful when you see the price climb higher and higher at the gas pump. 

"I've got a truck. It drinks a lot of gas, a lot of gas," says Keenan Andrews. 

As Tropical Storm Barry is brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, it has people's minds on their wallets. "Honestly, my truck takes $65 to fill it up," says Andrews. 

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In gas stations around Macon, the prices are at or below Georgia's average price, which is $2.60, so nothing out of the ordinary is happening with prices just yet, but that could change as time passes. 

One traveler from Florida is used to prices fluctuating during hurricane season. 

"You can see it one morning on the way to work, by lunchtime, and as late as the afternoon, you'll see 10- to 15-cent jump," says Sue Morin. 

Here's why prices could go up: There are several oil rigs clustered around the Gulf of Mexico. Barry will soon go through a large number of those. That could affect workers out on those rigs and slow or stop crews. 

Even if the prices spike, every driver knows they need fuel to get around. 

"We're still going to pay it. We're still going to do it. When it was over $3 a gallon, we still paid it. Americans like to travel," says Morin. 

Some drivers plan to start budgeting before the numbers jump higher. 

"Just trying to manage. You got to get food, put gas in your car, pay the bills and everything, so gas prices are going up, you know. It would be better if it stayed a little lower, but I understand with the problem that's going on," says Andrews. 

For now in Central Georgia, Tropical Storm Barry isn't putting a dent in our wallets.

Right now, AAA is saying the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Georgia is $2.60. That's the price you'll see in gas stations around Georgia. 

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