Over the last year, we’ve covered the many surprises that Karma Lilly Little has received.

She was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma at the age of 3, and has since undergone several clinical trials and surgeries.

Back in August 2016, she got her wish of seeing a day in the life of Houston County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Sgt. Slate Simons gave her a tour of the investigation unit and showed her the ropes.

“We are honored just to be able to meet her and, much less, spend time with her and she's certainly a blessing to our entire department," said Simons. “She's our little sister now and we're going to take good care of her."

In October 2016, she was deputized by Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum after returning home from a clinical trial in New York City where NYPD officers would visit her.

"It just really touched me like I've never been touched before and she's very special," Mitchum said.

In March 2017, hundreds of students at Jeffersonville Elementary held a fundraiser for their classmate where students could duct tape their principal to a pole and throw water balloons at him.

Principal Jamie Paulk said he was nervous, scared, and excited at the same time, but was just happy the money was going towards her family. They ended up raising over $1,400.

On Saturday, she celebrated her 7th birthday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Warner Robins with an Alice in Wonderland-themed party.

Andrew Russo, who works for the prison in Jackson, was part of the group of officers that surprised her at the party and made her an honorary correctional officer thanks to the help of Georgia State Senator Tyler Harper and GDC Commissioner Gregory Dozier who helped line up the surprise.

He says Karma has wanted to be an officer since she found out girls could be in law enforcement.

At her party, badges from multiple law enforcement agencies touched by her story filled the walls.

We’d like to wish Karma a very happy seventh birthday, straight from the heart.