MACON, Ga. — The Twiggs County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a service notice coming in their mailboxes.

It's a Recorded Deed Notice that looks like something you may get from the tax commissioner's office. It offers a property assessment profile and a complimentary grant deed for a fee of $86. The Sheriff's office warns that you can get a deed from the county for much less.

"You can do the same thing by going to the courthouse. It might cost you a total of $10 for everything they're going to charge you $86 to do," said Captain Richard Riley of the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office.

The notice comes from a company in California called Property Profile. The profile assessment they offer gives information on a property's assessed value, tax amount, and other information to help properly determine tax information and even contest property taxes.

Twiggs County tax commissioner Buddy Nesmith said anyone can get that information from the tax assessor's office or get a deed from the Superior Court Clerk's office for less than $10.

"This document is saying that they can give you this information to assist you in this, which the documents from the assessor's office plainly states what needs to be done to appeal property," Nesmith said.

Riley and Nesmith said they do not want anyone to think the county is demanding money from them and that any document for the tax commissioner's office will be addressed as such.

The notice from Property Profile does mention that the documents they request can be picked up from county offices for a nominal fee, but will not include their comprehensive report. It also mentions that they are not associated with any government agency.