Milledgeville police say they've charged two Georgia Military College students with six burglaries, four auto thefts and nearly a dozen other crimes.

The pair were arrested Oct, 3, in connection to the string of burglaries and thefts that happened over several months at two apartment complexes, according to a news release from the Milledgeville Police Department.

Joseph Hardin, 20, is charged with five counts of burglary, 10 felony credit card fraud charges and one felony false statement charge.

Gaven Edge, 21, is charged with five counts of burglary, one count of misdemeanor theft, and four counts of entering auto.

According to police Detective Everett January, the string of burglaries began on July 17 when a report was made from an apartment at The Grove.

After the two students rented apartments of their own at Magnolia Park Apartments, several burglary and entering auto reports were made by residents at the start of August.

The police department received more reports at the start of September before they stopped until the beginning of October.

January says they picked up again on October 1 at the Grove, and one of two students was caught on video with the stolen item.

The release says video surveillance in the parking lots showed the two walking from Magnolia to the Grove with no items, and then returning with items reported missing from The Grove.

January says one of the victim’s told investigators she had a hit on her MacBook’s GPS tracking and they were able to track it to the apartment of one of the suspects.

A search warrant was issued for both apartments and evidence was found that connected them to the following: six burglaries, one theft, four entering autos and 10 credit card fraud causes.

The two are currently in jail and the investigation is still ongoing with additional charges pending.