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UGA legend Herschel Walker talks mental health, stigma

University of Georgia legend Herschel Walker delivered a speech at the Museum of Aviation as part of a two-day visit to destigmatize mental health

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — UGA legend Herschel Walker finished off his two-day visit to Central Georgia with a speech about mental health at the Museum of Aviation.

About 850 people gathered on Thursday at 2 p.m. to listen to Walker. The crowd was full of Team Robins employees and students from Houston County Schools.

For the last 11 years, Walker has served as a spokesperson for the Patriot Support Program in which he travels to bases all over the world to promote destigmatizing mental health. Walker says he has spoken at almost 400 installations all over the world.

“When I got out of football, I had some problems of my own and I went to a behavioral health hospital to get those problems taken care of,” Walker said. “So I want to tell our great men and women of service, who are true heroes, that there is no shame in asking for help.”

On Tuesday, Walker shared his testimony at Veterans High School and chuck a football around with students on the field afterward. Walker says he hopes it meant a lot to the students there.

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“The reaction I got from the youth was great,” He said. “I want them to know that, 'Guys, I’m in your corner,' and at the same time that, 'You want to love each other, you want to not bully each other.'”

Walker says he is "a little embarrassed” that he has been to hundreds of bases all over the world and his first time visiting Robins Air Force Base – only about 70 miles from his hometown – was during this visit.

“I was embarrassed that I never got an opportunity to come,” he said. “But I’m happy today that I got an opportunity to come and see some great men and women.”

Walker said on his visit he has seen true Georgia fans and heroes.

“I think the people of Georgia ought to be so proud of Robins Air Force Base,” Walker said. “This is an incredible, incredible base in Warner Robins, Georgia, and what the men and women do here at Robins Air Force Base, it’s very important to the mission and it’s important to this country being the best country in the world.”

Walker ended his speech by thanking those who attended the speech and reminding the audience that there is no shame in asking for help.

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