(UPDATE 12/12) Koch's class has finished and released its song, 'Stuck.'

You can read more about the specifics of the assignment, stream it on YouTube, and purchase it on several platforms here.

Remember, the proceeds of the song will go to Lakeview Academy in Milledgeville!


With finals on the way, one class at Georgia College and State University is merging two of their passions into one creation.

A class of sociology and music students composed a song as their final project, but they're hoping the impact goes beyond a letter grade.

The class mainly focuses on looking at social concepts in a new way.

"We analyze songs, and we do it in a lens of talking about how it affects society, or how society has affected that song or that musical genre," said sophomore Abigail Giordano.

Professor Bradley Koch says social messages in music affect everyone.

"All of those things are a part of music that we often overlook, and so the course tries to get at those ideas to teach sociological concepts using something that students are really interested in," said Koch.

The song was composed, written and performed by some of the students, while others handled marketing.

Senior Alyssa Harris says chords for the song were born from a jam session.

"The next day in class they started talking about the sound of the piece that they were looking for, and I was like, 'I think I can use that riff that we were playing,'" said Harris.

Just a few adjustments and 'Stuck' was born. It's a song focused on current events and social issues.

The plan was to make it public, with revenue going to Lakeview Academy in Milledgeville.

"We knew that when we would write a song and part of it was, I insisted they make it available, there's gonna be some revenue. Not a lot, probably, but some, and I didn't want to keep it in our pockets, we don't need it," said Koch.

And while the money may not be much, the donation and the class leave a lasting impact.

"The whole point of it is to bring light to all of these things, and especially in Milledgeville, because it is a community that deals with some social issues, especially in regards to class and socioeconomic status. We wanted to reflect on that in the song as well," said Giordano.

The students recorded the song on Monday, and it will be available next week on iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube and Spotify.