UPDATE: Tuesday 8:42 p.m:

Tuesday afternoon, a Bibb County superior court judge ruled a mistrial in the fatal shooting of Jibri Bryan.

He's the Mercer basketball player who was allegedly killed by Jarvis Miller and Damion Henderson in February of 2016.

Henderson's trial began with opening statements Tuesday, but the prosecution made a mistake.

During her opening statement, prosecutor Sandra Matson told the jury that Miller and Henderson were friends and had been involved in "drugs and guns" together in Atlanta.

Defense attorney Frank Hogue objected to that statement, arguing that you can't include evidence of other crimes in a trial without notice.

Hogue says the prosecution did not bring this up in a pre-trial motions hearing and he asked Judge Howard Simms to consider whether this statement would "taint the jury."

Simms sided with the defense and called a mistrial.

"While we disagree with the court, we respect the court's decision. I'm confident that Judge Simms is just doing the best he can to make sure that this trial is done error-free and that we only have to try it one time," says District Attorney, David Cooke.

Cooke declined to go into further detail about why the prosecutor brought up Henderson's previous criminal conduct.

Hogue says he's glad Simms' ruled in his favor so that his client, Mr. Henderson, can have a fair trial.

No word yet on when the trial will resume.


UPDATE: Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.

The judge has granted a mistrial for the trial of Damion Henderson, who's charged with murdering Jibri Bryan.

During the prosecutor's opening statements, she mentioned that the two suspects, Miller and Henderson, had been involved with guns and drugs in Atlanta in the past.

The defense attorney, Frank Hogue, quickly objected-- mentioning the information was not discussed before the trial.

Judge Howard Simms agreed and declared a mistrial.


UPDATE: Tuesday, 2 p.m.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers agreed Tuesday that Jarvis Miller fired the first shots at Mercer basketball player Jibri Bryan two years ago.

But Miller is expected to testify this week against his friend, Damion Henderson, who's charged with murdering Bryan.

Miller pleaded guilty last week to armed robbery in the Bryant case and other charges against him will be dropped if he testifies, according to a plea agreement.

Both sides completed opening statements Tuesday in the Henderson trial.

Prosecutor Sandra Matson said Henderson and Miller went to a Flash Foods on Forsyth Street in February 2016 to sell pills to Bryan. She says the basketball player realized the pills were fake and the men exchanged gunshots. Miller fired the shot that struck Bryan in the head, she said.

Henderson's lawyer, Frank Hogue, told a different story. He says the two friends went to the Flash Foods to buy marijuana from Bryan.

He said Henderson was sitting in the car while Miller and Bryan talked, and he heard shots fired.

Miller was hit and ran off.

Henderson grabbed Miller's gun and fired shots in self-defense, Hogue said.

Then Henderson drove off and stashed the gun and the car, because he wanted nothing to do with the shooting, Hogue said.

Testimony in the case is expected to start Tuesday afternoon.


Damion Henderson pleaded not guilty for the murder of Jibri Bryan in May 2016. Jury selection finally began Monday around 2 p.m.

Jarvis Miller, also charged with Bryan's murder, pleaded guilty last week to armed robbery in the Bryan case. He's been sentenced to 20 years in prison, according to Amy Leigh Womack with the Macon Bibb District Attorney's Office.

In 2016, a grand jury indicted Miller on seven charges, including murder and felony murder. 13WMAZ could not reach Womack or District Attorney David Cooke to ask about the status of the other six charges.

Henderson's attorney, Frank Hogue said he expects Miller to testify against his client in court this week. Hogue said the guilty plea was no surprise.

"It's not going to change anything for us. We anticipated that he would plead because he pretty much confessed from the day that he got arrested," Hogue said. "So it wasn't a surprise to us, so we're ready for him. We will cross examine him during the trial this week."

Henderson was indicted on nine counts. Hogue said he plans to argue that his client is not guilty of all of those.

Hogue said he will also argue this was a drug deal between Miller and Bryan that went horribly wrong and it wasn't Henderson's fault.

Two years ago investigators said Bryan argued with the suspects because they tried to sell him fake Xanax pills.

Jury selection in the Henderson case is still underway.

Presiding judge, Judge Simms said he had hoped to pick the jury this afternoon and start the trial itself tomorrow.


Lawyers will start picking the jury Monday morning for one of two men accused of killing Mercer student Jibri Bryan.

Back in February 2016, authorities found the Bears basketball player shot to death outside of a Flash Foods gas station in Macon.

A couple months later, a Bibb County grand jury indicted Damion Henderson and Jarvis Miller on a series of charges connected to Bryan's killing.

Both are charged with malice murder and felony murder.

Jury selection for Henderson's trial starts Monday morning.

Defense attorney Frank Hogue said he expects Miller to plead guilty and also testify against Henderson.