(UPDATE 3:51 p.m.) Jacksonville CBS-affiliate Actions News Jax reports the Sheriff's Office found Kyleigh Koster and she will be reunited with her family shortly.


The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is currently searching for a missing teen from Jacksonville, Fla.

Police have listed 13-year-old Kyleigh Koster has a runaway.

According to police, Koster's parents reported the teen missing Sunday from their Mandarin home.

The teen's father stated he had last seen his daughter in her bed on February 10.

He told police he had found her pajamas on the bed and her pillows stuffed under her sheet to imitate her body. He also found her window opened up slightly.

Police say this is the first time she has run away, but she is an adopted child.

Koster's father stated his daughter had frequently talked about "prostitution" and asked him if they live a good life, referring to prostitutes.

He also said that he found Google searches on her computer stating "how to find a john" and "what is a pimp."

The father had said that the victims' biological mother had been referred to by the victim as being a prostitute before.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact police immediately.