UPDATE, 10:55 p.m.:

According to Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman, Kemon O'Neal was arrested Tuesday evening.


Dublin police are still searching for one of three suspects in a deadly shooting.

Witnesses says 18-year-old Daylan Hall was shot in the upper torso after an argument.

According to Dublin Police Chief, Tim Chatman, it happened Monday afternoon on the corner of Academy Avenue and Dudley Street in Dublin.

After officers performed CPR on Hall, he was rushed to Fairview Park Hospital where he died.

A few minutes later, officers saw three men walking away from nearby woods.

They arrested two brothers, Willie Jackson and Sontavious Jackson, and charged both with murder.

They say the third person, Kemon O'Neal, ran off.

"One is too many. Our young people, we got to really start to think. There is value to life. These young people are making a split decision that is going to affect them as well as their families and their community for a span of time," says Chatman.

O'Neal is known to local officers and was arrested in September for armed robbery. Chatman says that they are doing everything they can to find O'Neal.

"We're getting great information from our public. They're giving us a lot of information, we're running down every lead," says Chatman. "We're using some tactics that we don't want to talk about to help us track this individual, and we feel certain that it is a matter of time that we will be able to arrest him and bring us to justice."

This is the first homicide of the year in Dublin.

Anyone with information on O'Neal's whereabouts can call the Dublin Police Department at 478-277-5023.