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US Senate candidate Herschel Walker makes stop in Wrightsville

Friday, Walker hosted a town hall and lunch for women in a very familiar place--his own hometown of Wrightsville.

WRIGHTSVILLE, Ga. — We're headed to a U.S. Senate showdown this fall that the nation is watching. It's freshman U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock versus challenger Herschel Walker. Walker today hosted a town hall and lunch for women in a very familiar place--his own hometown of Wrightsville.

"We have a very, very important decision coming up in November and I want to tell you right now the reason you're looking at the man who should be sitting in that Senate seat," Herschel Walker said during the town hall.

Herschel Walker said his goal Friday was to discuss women's issues.
The topics he talked about most: the border and energy independence. He also branched into crime.

"The reason it’s gotten to this point is we've let elected officials in Washington D.C. that got behind 'defund the police.' and I’m like, 'That was a dumb idea.' Let’s be honest. Was it not?" he said.

Walker says inflation affects women more due to higher gas and groceries prices.

"Getting rid of that pipeline was the start of everything and not only did they get rid of the pipeline, they go to our enemies to help us out,” Walker said.

He tackled the issue of trans children in athletics.

"You guys want your daughters to compete against me? I don't even know why we’re discussing this. The reason they want to bring this up and get people emotional, get people excited and stuff because they don't want to talk about gas prices, they don’t want to talk about grocery prices," he shared.

One women's issue he didn't discuss was Roe V. Wade. When 13WMAZ reporter Caleesha Moore asked why, he said he's glad the supreme court sent the issue back to the states.

"When our Supreme Court justice almost lost his life, a guy wanted to kill him. We had sit-in senators talking about it when yet they knew for a fact our supreme court was not ruling on whether it was fair, legal or illegal, they were ruling to send it back to the people to the states,” he explained.

He took a shot at his opponent senator Raphael Warnock.

"I'm not going to hide. I’m not going to hide like Senator Warnock and what I want to say to Senator Warnock is where you at, scaredy cat? Debate me October 14, Savannah, Georgia," he said.

Walker’s campaign team says he will have a discussion with faith leaders in Atlanta during his next stop.

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