The National Retail Federation says fewer people than ever before are expected to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2019 because it's over-commercialized, but spending is supposed to be higher than ever.

Mary Pinson is the owner of her own floral design company in Macon. She says flowers are always a good go-to, especially for last-minute shoppers.

"Some people call ahead and some people come in at 5:00 on Thursday, and they'd buy anything to not get in trouble when they came home," Pinson said.

Of course, chocolate is never discouraged, and the numbers agree!

The NRF projects $1.9 billion will be spent on candy this holiday.

Julie G. Evans owns Karats and Keepsakes in Macon, and she says chocolate was what she looked forward to most as a child. 

"If my dad didn't get to the drug store on time to get the Russell Stover chocolate candy heart box with the stuffed animal -- usually a little dog -- I was heartbroken," Evans said.

Pinson and Evans say they haven't seen any kind of slowdown in business, but they have seen a change in trends.

"My clients do not do the traditional red, a dozen roses with baby's breath," Pinson said, "they like the pink and orange and a more natural mix of flowers," she continued.

Lisa Barfield came into Karats and Keepsakes Monday afternoon. She says she likes a more low-key celebration.

"I could care less about the candy -- it's like, 'Don't bring me any more candy,'" Barfield continued, "Flowers -- I mean, they're nice, but I don't need the big shebang. I'd rather just bring me a bundle and I'll put them in a vase myself."

For some, like 23-year-old Tanner Smith, Valentine's Day has a new name entirely.

"I prefer celebrating 'Gal-entine's Day' with my girlfriends, so going to a fun dinner, or watching a movie," Smith said. 

No matter how you chose to celebrate, Evans says the holiday is worth taking the time for you significant other or friends.

"You know, love is always worth celebrating," Evans said.

This year, the total people will spend for Valentine's Day is projected to be about $20.7 billion!