The Georgia Department of Transportation is trying to smooth out some problems on I-16 but some drivers say they're still getting bounced around.

WMAZ first reported on the issue back in May when Twiggs Co. commission chairman Ken Fowler said the stretch of I-16 through his county was so rough he tried to avoid it.

"From Allentown to where you [sic] going into Macon, the right side lane on the westbound side is about as rough as any road in the state of Georgia," said Fowler at the time.

GDOT told us then that a resurfacing project for the road was in the works.

But so far, the work is turning some heads for the wrong reasons.

Tony Wright emailed the 13WMAZ newsroom and told us after months of repair work, he thinks the new slabs of concrete replacing the old, rough spots are "just as bumpy, if not more bumpy."

We drove it ourselves and there are definitely some rough patches.

So what's going on? Is this the best GDOT can do with an $8.5 million project?

In this case, the answer is no -- and that's good news for drivers.

"If the road seems bumpy right now it's just because we're in an intermediate stage," said GDOT spokesperson Penny Brooks.

According to her, crews are only about a third of the way through their work on the project.

New slabs of concrete have replaced some of the old cracked bits of road, but not all of them just yet.

The new segments might be a little rough for the time being, but Brooks says that will change once all of the slabs are in place.

"That's just the order of things," she said. "We put them all down. Once everything is in alignment, then (crews) will grind them down, smooth out the concrete. Then they will be done and it should be a much nicer ride for everybody."

Brooks says the project, if it remains on schedule, will wrap in early spring of 2019.