Below you will find the screenshot of a Facebook post that has gotten over one hundred likes and dozens of comments dealing with saggy pants in Wilkinson County.

Judge Vivian Cummings posted the status.

The post has now been taken down from her Facebook page.

Chip Brook said the post even made it to his own smartphone.

"Yeah I saw that and it was news to me yesterday, about a new rule from the judge but I do not think its any more of a problem around here than anywhere else", Brook said

Joyce Martin is not a fan of pants that drop too low either.

"I have seen the sagging pants and I don't like. I've seen it in other place and I still don't like it", Martin said.

So we set out to verify: can you be fined in Wilkinson county for sagging your pants?

Probate Judge Vivian Cummings declined to speak on camera but did give us a statement and pointed us to the Wilkinson County Code on indecent exposure.

The code says in part "Appear wearing pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of the hips exposing the skin or undergarments".

The ordinance that was found online says people can be fined no less than $50 dollars for the first offense.

So we verified that you can be cited in Wilkinson County when your pants drop too low.

But are students actually getting fined and called to court?

Cumming's statement says that citations will only be issued to students after the school has exhausted all other violations.

Meaning, the fine is not the first thing that happens when there is a dress code violation.

Here is the complete statement released by Judge Cummings to 13WMAZ:

The Indecent Exposure Ordinance for Wilkinson County was passed and adopted into law on February 15, 2011 by the Governing Authority At That present time. The ordinance states as follows: Anyone who appears to wear their pants or skirts more than three inches below the top of their hips (crest of the Ilium) exposing the skin or undergarments are in violation of said ordinance. Upon review of the Fines and penalties, A citation shall be issued to the offender and a fine shall be imposed, 40 hours of approved community services along with any additional penalties as the presiding judge directs. Upon further investigation of said Ordinance, amended fines of $50.00 dollars shall be imposed for a 1st Offense and no more than $200 shall be imposed for the 2nd Offense. Initially as given to the court in error, it was posted that for the 1st Offense, a fine of $150 would be imposed and for the 2nd Offense, a fine of $300 dollars would be imposed. It has since been corrected.

As stated by Dr. Aaron Geter, Jr., Superintendent of The Wilkinson County Schools, citations for students will only be issued and presented to the Court after All other measures have been executed within the school system to handle said violators.

-- Judge Vivian L. Cummings