As refreshing as a fountain may be, drinking water is important for staying hydrated during the heat of Georgia summers.

Ice water can be tempting, but will it hydrate you best?

In downtown Macon, I presented people with both ice and room temperature water and asked what they thought.

Of all four interviews, they agreed that room temperature hydrates better, mostly because they said it was easier to drink, but were their opinions right? I met with medical professionals from Mercer and Navicent Health to verify.

Patrick Roche, Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Mercer, says both will suffice.

"It's more what your body needs, and I don't think there's any reason that cold water has it over room temperature water or room temperature water has it over cold water."

Millie Smith, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Navicent Health, says she agrees with Roche.

"There's not a lot of research that points to either direction really being beneficial we really promote just overall staying hydrated than focusing on the temperature of your water."

So, it's verified -- ice water isn't necessarily better when it comes to hydration, as long as you're drinking it.