A Facebook post that’s been shared over 50,000 times says that if you went two or more days without power, FEMA would give you $250 to replace food that spoiled while the power was out.

We set out to VERIFY if that was true.

We spoke to Christen Robinson with GEMA, who told us they don't offer food assistance.

Neither does FEMA, according to the automated recording we heard when we called.

“FEMA does not provide food assistance including food lost due to power outages,” said the recording.

Susan Boatwright with DFACS said some, but not all, can get reimbursed. Only those who already receive food stamps or SNAP are eligible.

“Those customers -- if they suffered a power outage of more than four hours and lost food, they are eligible to request a replacement,” said Boatwright.

She says more than 1,000 people in Bibb County have inquired about benefits.

Boatwright says those who qualify should fill out this Food Loss Replacement Form.

“They have 10 days from the loss of the food source, so they still have plenty of time to get that form in,” said Boatwright.

So we verified, that Facebook post is FALSE.

Only those who are already on government assistance qualify for food replacement.

Boatwright did not specify how much money people will receive that are being reimbursed.


Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency and Susan Boatwright with The Division of Family and Children Services.