ATHENS, Ga. — It's no secret that Atlanta is a hub for sex trafficking, but rumors are swirling online that students at a metro area college campus are in danger of falling victim to trafficking.

11Alive received a tip that a couple is allegedly approaching students on the University of Georgia campus to try to talk to them about Jesus. The claim is that it ends up being a ploy to hook the students into human trafficking.

So, 11Alive took those online rumor straight to the university.


Are UGA students being approached by alleged sex traffickers on campus?


11Alive can VERIFY that these rumors going around on campus are FALSE.


11Alive reached out directly to the University of Georgia campus police station to ask whether they were investigating any situation in which students were being approached by alleged sex traffickers. Greg Trevor with UGA said directly those rumors are not true.

In a statement, Trevor said that UGA Police is aware of people on campus who are approaching students to discus religion, but there is no criminal activity associated with that.

"University Police have found no threats to student safety," Trevor said.

He continued to say that campus police will continue to "monitor the situation" and encouraged members of the university community to report any concerns.


University of Georgia Campus Police