Several photos have appeared across social media of what looks like mold on bread and muffins served inside the cafeteria at Wilkinson County Middle/High school.

“We were eating hot dogs that day, and she saw it on her (a friend's) hotdog,” 8th grader Karla Marquez said.

She’s seen the spoiled food firsthand.

“I was like, 'Ew, no,'” Karla said.

We asked Superintendent Aaron Geter about the photos.

“We have 1,500 students here, and we deal with a lot of food items, and things like that happen,” Geter said.

He confirmed the photos are real.

“What I’ve seen is a bun and a piece of bread,” Geter said.

He also discussed the school’s recent health inspection that happened last week. The school earned at 68 for things like expired food and improper storage.

“All of the things were correctable things with my food nutrition director. She immediately got on top of those things,” Geter said.

He says they've thrown all the expired food away and says if a child finds a problem with food they serve, they should speak up.

“I apologize sincerely because that’s not our approach,” Geter said. “If anything ever comes that way that’s damaged, please bring it to our attention as soon as possible so we can deal with it. I don’t want anyone to get anything that’s contaminated or dangerous to their health.”

So we verified that there was moldy food served at Wilkinson County Middle/High School.

Superintendent Geter assures that the school system has handled the problem.

Geter says the Department of Public Health came back to the school on Monday for a follow-up visit. He says they scored an 85.


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