Sanitizer stations get full use now that flu season is in full swing, and hand washing happens more often.

Flu masks are another resource when fighting the flu, but by putting one on, do you turn off the chance to get the disease?

Emergency Services Director at Coliseum Health Todd Braswell says it's protection, not prevention.

"The masks are just like any other form of protection -- it's a layer, " Braswell continued, "It's certainly something you can use, but they're certainly not preventative, they're not gonna stop you from getting the flu."

This, of course, is among other important preventive methods.

"Getting the flu shot, very important, probably the best thing anybody can do," Braswell said.

"Wash your hands, and pay attention to your environment, don't be exposed to people who have the flu if you can avoid it," he continued.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, the flu is still a widespread issue in this state and has sent over 90 people to the hospital in just the first two weeks of 2018.

So it's verified, wearing a flu mask won't stop you from getting the flu, but it does serve as an extra layer of protection.