Several people shut down their air conditioners before they leave their home in an effort to save some money. But does it actually work?

Our Verify team spoke with Amy Harden, a service manager at Weather Engineers in Jacksonville.

"If you leave your air conditioner off during the day, especially in the summer when it's super hot outside, you come home, you turn it on, it has to try twice as hard to try to satisfy a comfortable temperature in your home," Harden said.

VERIFY: Like Harden, many heating and cooling experts agree that turning off your air conditioner when you leave will not save you money. Instead, they suggest you keep it on.

"Our recommendation is to leave it at maybe 78 degrees when you leave," Harden said. "When you get home, turn it down a few degrees."

Harden said you could also follow the "four-by-four" rule: If you're going to be away from home for more than four hours, set your thermostat 4 degrees higher to reduce electricity usage.

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