PORTLAND, Ore. — A viral Facebook post making the rounds the past couple of weeks claims your Christmas tree is crawling with bugs, but should you be worried?

The post from House Layout has more than 1,300 shares and dozens of comments from homeowners worried about a bug infestation because of their Christmas trees.

To Verify this claim, we spoke with Chal Landgren, a Christmas tree specialist at Oregon State University.

Landgren said there is a possibility your tree is carrying spiders -- somewhere between 10 to 30.

"That’s probably the most common insect… they’re harmless. They’re not gonna bite. They’re living so there is potential to get spiders. We don’t try to spray them with insecticide to make them sterile. You may to have to pick a few bugs off," he explained.

He said the best way to get rid of them is to simply vacuum them out.

Landgren said he has never seen ticks inside Christmas trees, so you shouldn't worry about them.

You might see mites, which are pests of trees. However, they'll only be in egg form, and they won't hatch inside your house.

Occasionally, he'll see a slug or snail inside a tree, but that's just because those insects are trying to get out of the rain.

"They’re not pests of trees, [they're just] occasionally hitchhiking and getting into trees," Landgren said.

We can Verify your Christmas tree may be carrying insects or mites, but they are harmless and you really don't have too much to be worried about.

And if you insist on an insect-free tree, Landgren recommends you hit the tree against the ground outside your house before you assemble it to help shake any bugs out.

It'll cost you a few extra bucks at a tree farm, but you can also use a shaker to ensure your tree is without bugs or insects of any kind.