This Monday, the nation and the state of Georgia will honor the men and women in uniform that gave everything.

In Milledgeville on Friday afternoon, they were preparing for their Memorial Day ceremony.


A group of 16 to 18-year-old boys with the Milledgeville Youth Challenge Academy helped the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery prepare.

The boys spent about two hours placing American flags next to every headstone in the cemetery.

17-year-old Dillon Lancaster said it was a special privilege.

“I was honored, I felt good because I know one day if I join the military then I could possibly have someone doing that for me. It felt good just to know that people respect that much for the military,” Lancaster said afterwards.

Roxanne Padgett was visiting her step-father and uncle’s tombstones at the cemetery.

“It's peaceful, it's sad, because we really miss them, but it just, I love coming up here because you just get that peace just being up here, hearing the birds, and feeling the wind,” Padgett said.

She said she was happy the young men were there to help place the flags.

“It just touches my heart that the young people are getting involved. That there not just letting the adults do it,” Padgett said.

Another one of the young men, Rod Chaplic, said he took pride in the process.

“It makes me so happy knowing that people actually love and care for our country and those who have fought for us,” Chaplic said.

Milledgeville’s ceremony will start at 11:00 a.m. on Monday at the cemetery.

The cemetery is located at 2617 Vinson Highway in Milledgeville.