MACON, Ga. — It's Memorial Day weekend and one organization is making sure they give back. 

A drive-thru food drive was held for veterans in Central Georgia at Veterans of Foreign Wars in Macon on Saturday.

It was the first time the organization held the event.

Normally, the agency would place flags on veteran's graves around the Macon area, and hold a Buddy Poppy drive at local stores.

Due to COVID-19, that was not possible this year.

On Saturday morning, food was given out to Veterans. All the veterans were required to show up with a form of identification, proving that they have served in the military then staff members loaded their trunk with donations.

Organizer Amber Strohsahl says it is important to make sure veterans get support from the community during this difficult time.

"A lot of these people in this population are veterans or older elderly, they can't get out and they shouldn't be getting out right now. So this is just to help them to get some things that they need," Strohsahl said.

Strohsahl says the goals was to make sure they gave to at least a hundred veterans.


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