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Viral Facebook post sparks outpouring of community support for Douglas County first responders

Jordan Reid wanted to highlight the sacrifices and risks his fellow first responders face each day.

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. — The battle cry for a group of Douglas County EMS workers and firefighters is a simple, but important one.

"We do this because it's who we are."

And thanks to a Facebook post, it's now a rallying cry for their community. The post comes during a tough but proud time for first responders.

A spokesperson for Douglas County EMS said someone experiencing a psychiatric episode fired a gun at a paramedic recently. Fortunately, that paramedic escaped unharmed.

11Alive's Dawn White also spoke with the first responder who made the viral Facebook post; one who puts his life in danger each and every day.

EMT and firefighter Jordan Reid works and drives Douglas County medic 11. Reid got a nickname of "too tall" in rookie school for his towering height over most everyone he encounters.

“There’s no other ‘too tall,’” Reid said. “It’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m 6’ 7,” so I’m generally the tallest guy around."

Unlike most other firefighters and EMTs, people will see Reid's nickname on his medic strap instead of his last name. 

“We come from all different walks of life for all different reasons, and despite all those differences, if that that tone goes off at 4 in the morning, we’re loading up, and we’re coming to get you," Reid said. 

Reid wanted to highlight the sacrifices and risks his fellow first responders face each day. He realizes that fire scenes are always dangerous. That became the inspiration behind the heartfelt Facebook post.

“It was certainly more than I expected," Reid said. "I expected a few Facebook likes or maybe a comment or two.”

The post got an outpouring of comments and support on social media. Reid said that he was glad that the post was able to touch people in his community. He marked the importance of highlighting the brave things that he and his coworkers do.

“It’s a dangerous job, and we have much respect and love for our firefighters not only in government but the citizens just as well," Douglas County spokesperson Rick Martin said. 

Reid practices humility as he serves the community. He expressed that he's always seen himself as "one of the good guys."

That good guy also happens to be tall. He remarked that when people see the strap, they are often in awe of his height. But the most important aspect for Reid is the gift is he able to provide to his community.

“We have a calling," Reid affirmed. "We have a duty to the citizens of Douglas County, and we perform that duty."

You can read Reid's entire Facebook post by clicking here.


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