Some teenagers spend their summer doing absolutely nothing, but not Campbell Grady.

Grady, a rising junior at West Laurens High School, spent his summer volunteering at Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin.

Out of 25 students, he was recently awarded the Youth Volunteer of the Year award through the hospital.

He said his interest in working at the hospital started from watching TV medical shows.

"Started doing a little research and this seems like a really cool thing to do, and then back to my mom telling me about the program and thought, 'Well, this will be a great opportunity,'" says Grady.

About a year ago, Grady started volunteering at Fairview Park Hospital.

"You always put the patient first and what they need before what you need," says Grady.

He worked in the emergency room and his daily duties included transporting patients to rooms and helping nurses stock medical equipment.

He racked up more than 500 hours and Sherry Robbins, the Emergency Services Director at the hospital, says she couldn't be more proud.

"He stands out because of his dedication and his enthusiasm when he comes here. He's always active, he's willing to help. You never have to say hey, 'Campbell, will you go do this?' It's always, 'Hey, what can I do to help?'" says Robbins.

He plans to complete an EMT course and then transition into the paramedic program through Southeastern Technical College, but those steps lead to only one thing.

"Not just to help someone, but to help save someone," says Grady.

The hospital is urging those interested in volunteering to contact the hospital and sign up.

You can gain skills in Marketing, HR and Medicine.

Contact Piper McAfee at 478-274-3640 for more information.