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Volunteers add more renovations to baseball field at Tom Fontaine Park

Volunteers hope the changes they're making impact children in inner city neighborhoods.

Baseball is back in Macon with the Bacon taking the mound, but it has a long history of hits in the city. Macon is the birth place of several major league athletes like Doc Bass, Terrance Gore, and Milt Cuyler.
On Friday, several groups worked together to keep their spirit alive. Yvonne Thomas talked to volunteers about how they hope changes they're making impact children in inner city neighborhoods.

From new benches to concession stands, a dozen volunteers work to preserve Tom Fontaine Park, giving inner city kids a safe place to play ball. “This park has such a rich history. It’s been here for more than 30 years,” said Jeff Battcher with Macon RBI.

That's why Home Depot manager Jennifer Munthali says they're donating more than $8,000 worth of the supplies and materials to renovate the diamond. “It's a part of the community. We all have kids -- most of us do -- and it's important that when they grow up that they have something to do,” said Munthali. “We're going to repaint the ceilings. We're going to clear out the concession rooms. Then pressure wash the restrooms.”

And when Boy Scout Troop leader Jimmy Smith heard about the project, he came to represent his scouts. “For many of the kids on this side of town, this is where you start, so you want to make it as nice as a facility as possible,” said Smith.

This isn't the first time folks have helped to bring this field back to life. In April, the Atlanta Braves partnered with Scotts Lawn Care to help renovate the ball field for about $50,000.