March is here, and it's getting a lot of people dreaming of pink with the Cherry Blossom Festival only weeks away.

The blossoms take center stage during the festival, but that's still a little over two weeks away, and as Nicole Butler shows you, some cherry blossom trees aren't on schedule this year.

"It's just always a roll of the dice with the weather -- we want to hit it just right for the Cherry Blossom Festival and for all of the visitors coming to town, but some years, we may be a little bit ahead of schedule, some years, behind schedule, so we are very, very weather-dependent with these trees," Bibb County Extension Agent Karol Kelly says.

And this year, the weather is a little off -- we're coming off of the warmest February on record.

Warm weather causes flowering blooms to pop.

"I think, all in all, the trees are looking good this year. I think we are in a lot better shape this time this year than we were last year. What we don't want to happen and what we are keeping our fingers crossed for is that we don't keep these nice warm temperatures, everything continues to flower and break bud, and we have a late freeze," Kelly says,

Last year, a late cold snap killed off almost 60 percent of the flowers that already started to bloom.

But Bibb County Forester Randell Hunt says the warmer temperatures are confusing the trees into blooming early.

A tree off Oakridge Avenue is in full bloom.

Because of scenes like this, Hunt says he's hoping the cooler temperatures stick around just a little longer.

"50-60 degrees will actually slow it down, so I'm hoping that we stay on the cooler temperatures until the point of Cherry Blossom Festival," he says.

Hunt says with the festival still being a few weeks out, he'll be keeping a close eye on the weather in hopes that the blooms will bring life to the pinkest party on Earth!

The Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off Friday, March 16th in two weeks and two days, and runs through Sunday the 25th.