Everyone calls him 'Hot Wheels,' and this year everyone is calling him "the Most Positive Adaptive Sports Athlete in Central Georgia."

The award goes to an athlete who is optimistic, encouraging, and servant leader, has a heart for others, admits imperfections, and always gives 100 percent and puts the team first.

O'lando Hicks, a Warner Robins High School rising senior, says this is his first time winning an award.

O'lando plays football, handball, and track. However, his favorite sport is basketball. He is a star athlete in multiple sports, and has brought home several state championship trophies.

O'lando does whatever he can to help out with the team. "Whenever coach calls time out, I just say, 'Hey, if you need help with this person, you let me know because I got you.'"

He added, "For me, I never let my team down for nothing. My team's my family. I love them. I'll fight for them 'til the end, and I make sure they're alright."