WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — It was business as usual at Thursday's Warner Robins Downtown Development Authority (DDA) board meeting until chairman Sam Evans took the mic.

"As I stated earlier, under the conditions I would accept an appointment to this authority, there were certain things I would not do," he said, addressing the rest of the board. "The actions by the executive committee may not be illegal but they are surely questionable and unethical. And by that, effective immediately I resign from both the DDA and RDA (Redevelopment Agency)  authority boards."

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Evans said he made the decision after a vote made by the DDA was overridden by the executive committee--the group that oversees all Warner Robins development authority boards.

Evans argued the executive committee was disregarding the will of the boards.

At that same meeting, Evans says Councilman Clifford Holmes said the executive committee can do whatever they want.

Holmes said at Thursday's meeting he never said that and disputed the rest of Evans' claims as well.

"I do realize that when you (get an) organization and you form a body and call it an executive committee that you are in position to make decisions needed in absence of the board," he said. "That is what happened on that day and it happened simply because there was a time limit. There was not time to go back and call a board member, a board meeting of each of the boards."

The entire dispute appears to be over an advertisement. The DDA board, Evans says, voted down a motion to purchase a full page ad but PASSED a motion to purchase a 2/3 page ad (with the cost split between the 3 city authorities) at February's meeting.

Evans says the executive committee pushed ahead with the 1 page ad, effectively overriding the DDA board's wishes.

Economic Development director Gary Lee said at Thursday's meeting that the executive committee bought the 1 page ad, but didn't use any more money than what the DDA had already approved.

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Holmes said the decision was made by the executive committee because the committee needed to respond quickly to the printer.

The development authorities have the power to guide potential multi-million dollar projects in the city.

As board co-chairman, Holmes led the rest of the meeting.