The employees of the city of Warner Robins have spent 4 weeks gathering items for those in need.

The Community Development Department had the idea after visiting Helping Hands of Houston County to monitor its grant status. Helping Hands operates a food pantry and soup kitchen.

While they were there, they noticed they needed canned and boxed food, sanitary wipes, toilet paper and diapers.

So they came back to City Hall and organized a donation drive competition amongst the city's departments.

Since then, they've brought in more than 3,200 items.

One of the organizers, Jessika Jungman, says it has been heart-warming to see.

“It has completely blown me away. We ran it for four weeks and every week having that point of contact come over or call us and say hey we have items, come pick them up, it's been incredible. Yesterday, the fire department alone brought us over 600 cans. So just to have that response it's a great feeling,” Jungman said.

The donation drive ended on Friday. Jungman says it was a close competition between the Fire Department and City Hall employees.

The items will be donated early next week. Helping Hands has helped more than 2,000 families this year.

They brought in 1,370 canned and boxed food items, 64 packages of sanitary wipes, 164 rolls of toilet paper, and more than 1,600 diapers.

Jungman says she and the others hope this becomes a yearly tradition.