Warner Robins Councilman Chuck Shaheen says he would consider running for mayor again "one day" if the city changes its form of government.

Shaheen has repeatedly pushed for the city to adopt a city administrator form of government, meaning the mayor’s office would not run day-to-day operations.

“As mayor and a councilman, what I’ve learned is there are more efficient ways to run a government, and it needs to run like a business,” Shaheen said Tuesday.

Shaheen is currently the Post 1 Councilman in Warner Robins. He has a fulltime job in the pharmaceutical field.

He said he would probably not run for a council seat again under the city’s current form of government.

Post 1 is up for election this year, the registration deadline is in August. Current Mayor, Randy Toms', term is also up for reelection this year.

In March on WMAZ, Toms said he would be seeking reelection.

Shaheen said the next mayor should focus on growing the enterprise fund, reducing crime, and evaluating the city’s recent pay scale study to better help retain employees.

The Councilman recently has taken his own actions to try and retain employees and improve morale.

He introduced a parental leave policy in March that was adopted. He also introduced, along with Councilwoman Carolyn Robbins, a few resolutions to incentive the city’s hiring of veterans from Robins Air Force Base and other branches of the Armed Forces.

Shaheen said if a city administrator position was created to help run the city, the mayor’s responsibilities and corresponding salary would be reduced.