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'The Pit from Hell': Warner Robins couple says years of erosion on property a health hazard

The couple says they've been trying to get someone to fix the hole for years

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Just a few steps away from their backyard, Brenda and Jeff Wolfe have 16 years of erosion and what they're calling the unofficial, "Little Grand Canyon."

"I call it the 'Pit from Hell,' my husband calls it the 'Little Grand Canyon,'" Brenda Wolfe said describing the hole.

Houston County may have its own "Wonder of the World," but when you ask Brenda Wolfe how it got there, she'll tell you it's no miracle.

"All the stormwater goes into this retention pond that they built over there to catch the water, and then they let it come down our ditch, our property," she said.

The erosion has damaged what was once a fence that lined the property, and sure enough, water drains down into a drop of least 20 feet. Brenda says she's done everything she could think of -- getting both the city and county involved.

"Mayor Toms, Mayor Shaheen out here, I’ve had engineers from county, engineers from the city, they had someone from the state come even, and I can’t get nothing done," she said.

More than property has been damaged. She says the drainage problem has brought mosquitoes, and several of them bit her husband, sending him to hospital for three months. 

"He was throwing off strokes to his eye, so now he’s blind in one eye, he had his kidneys shut down, he went on dialysis," she explained.

Ultimately, they’re just asking for help.

"I’d just like for somebody to come out here and fix it, get rid of this problem. My husband’s life is worth a lot more than the sports center they built up the road. His life is more to me than that," she said.

Wolfe says her and her husband believe the answer is rerouting the drainage to the pond near their yard and filling it in. The city says the property belongs to the county, while the county says it belongs to the city.

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