On July 5th, a fire broke out at a home on Windsor Drive.

The blaze destroyed most of a residential building before firefighters from the Warner Robins Fire Department managed to contain it

Newly obtained documents show one of those firefighters shouldn't have been on the scene in the first place.

Fire department deputy chief Robert Wood drove a city vehicle to the fire, and discipline records obtained by 13WMAZ show two officer-grade firefighters on the scene believed Wood showed signs that indicated he had been drinking.

After being confronted by one of them, Wood left the scene.

He initially denied that he'd been drinking, records show, but a field sobriety test administered at his house later that night showed he had been.

Wood later admitted to department chief Ross Moulton that he'd been drinking prior to the call.

Moulton called it a "black eye" for the department and said Wood's actions were "not anything we tolerate."

After discussing the situation with city attorney Jim Elliott and human resources director Toni Graham, Moulton suspended Wood, a 36-year veteran of the department, for two weeks without pay.

He will also be subject to a year of random drug and alcohol tests.

It's a punishment Moulton said was fair.

When asked if a lower ranking firefighter would have received a more severe punishment, Moulton said "no."

Moulton went on to say that, if anything, he thinks Wood got a more serious punishment because of his position in the department.

"He's held to a higher standard because of the position he holds," said Moulton.

Moulton also had a message for the public.

"I do want to apologize for what has happened," he said.

Moulton also said that in Wood's 36-year career in the fire department, he's never had another incident involving alcohol.

On Friday, Wood returned from his suspension to full duty.

Moulton said Wood got help from the city's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a free program Jim Elliott said provides city employees services ranging from drug and alcohol support programs to psychological counseling.