Less than a mile away from Warner Robins High School sits Cornelia Drive. Some neighbors say the crime in the neighborhood made a turn for the worse.

74-year-old Merlene Faulk says she remembers hearing gunshots last week around the same time the Warner Robins Police Department responded to a call of shots fired on the 700 block of Cornelia Drive.

"You heard it -- 'Bow! Bow!' -- She got up and come in the house, said Faulk. "I said, 'They shooting firecrackers.' She said, 'That wasn't no firecracker.'"

Faulk called her neighborhood home for more than 6 years, but she says that this once-quiet community changed for the worse.

"You got to bolt down everything, and it just changed. You see strange people. You don't know who they are or what they are lurking for. Like I said, I don't open my door for anybody," said Faulk.

She no longer sits outside or even in her own living room because of fear.

"I don't sit in here because I am afraid somebody come by and drive-by shooting. I sit in the kitchen. They got to come around there to come get me," said Faulk.

Cornelia Drive in Warner Robins is less than half a mile long, and according to Warner Robins Police, since the beginning of the year, they responded to 55 crime complaints, including shots fired, hit and run, robbery and more Faulk wants the Police Department to do patrol the area more.

"We are old around here, and we don't need this being afraid to answer your own door,"

According to the Warner Robins Police Department, no one was injured during the shooting.