Hurricane Irma is behind us and thousands of evacuees have returned home, but one Warner Robins Pastor says there's still a lot of work to do, especially in his hometown in Ocala, Florida.

This Saturday, Mack McCullough is going back to his hometown to give hope and more.

“We can't give them everything they need, but some basic necessities,” said McCullough. Mack McCullough is packing for a weekend trip. “Canned goods, peanut butter, jelly.”

This Saturday, McCullough and his church members at Word in Seasons Ministries will travel four hours from Warner Robins to Ocala, Florida to donate supplies.

“Our goal is to take 1000 cases of water and 1000 bags of groceries.”

All for the victims of Hurricane Irma, a deadly storm that hit close to home for McCullough.

He's from Ocala Florida, which is less than 400 miles from the Florida Keys.

“Just this past Monday my mom and dad were able to get back into their home with electricity,” said McCullough.

Many Floridians like McCullough's parents are still recovering with down trees and buildings ripped apart by blistering winds.

“They're still cleaning up that needs to be done there.”

It's a homecoming with a purpose. McCullough and his church members say they're doing their part.

“This is an opportunity for the church... not just because it’s my hometown... but as a church this is what we should do. That's what the church does we respond when there's a need.”

They are that every bag they deliver will give both help and hope.

Thursday is the last day the church is accepting donations.

You can drop off these donations at the Word in Seasons Ministries on Feagin Mill road any time between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.