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Warner Robins pharmacy carries self-testing flu kits

A company called Physician 360 created a way for you to detect the flu without going to the doctor's office.

With Christmas right around the corner, the flu is one thing we can all agree we don’t want on our list.

If you're feeling under the weather, a company called Physician 360 created a self-testing kit that can help detect the flu.

Benzer Pharmacy owner and pharmacist Ankit Patel says it’s an easy process.

“You buy the kit first, you take a swab test -- it's the same swab test that you'd take at the ER, at a doctor's office. The swab test will give you a diagnosis of a positive or a negative,” Patel said.

The company's website says Benzer Pharmacy on South Houston Lake Road is the only Central Georgia location carrying the $45 kit.

Leigh Villegas says she'd be willing to give it a try.

“If it's simple to use, a mouth swab that sounds quite simple, and then just be able to get immediate results instead of having to possibly take the child out of school, take them to the doctor,” Villegas said.

Still, she says she prefers going to the doctor, especially when it comes to her son.

“If I took an at-home test and did send the results to a professional, I still didn't have the added benefit of a pediatrician looking at my child, and examining him,” Villegas said.

Centers for Disease Control says rapid flu tests aren't as accurate as other tests, giving both false positives and negatives. However, they're better at detecting the flu in children than adults.

Patel says the timeliness is what makes it beneficial.

“You get a free physician consult that's included with the kit, so you can video chat with a doctor, and you can go over your symptoms and they can immediately write you a prescription,” Patel said.

If you end up needing a prescription, Benzer Pharmacy also makes free home deliveries, so you can get everything you need without leaving the house.

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