The latest armed robbery and shooting in Warner Robins now has some restaurants taking extra precautions. One of those is John’s Mexican Restaurant.

“What's the point in killing an employee that’s just doing their job?” owner John Mitchell said.

He says now they're making a few changes. Those include locking the back door and allowing his employees to carry a weapon while on duty.

“If they have a license to carry and a permit, put it in your purse, and keep it out of sight, I’m fine with that, too,” Mitchell said, “If enough folks would do that, there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot of crime.”

Mitchell says his employees know if someone comes in and tries to rob them, just to do what they say. He’s concerned after recent shootings that might not be enough.

“It’s happened recently where the clerk has given all the money and they still turn around and shoot to kill,” Mitchell said.

He says even though some might be on edge, they'll keep their door open to customers.

“At the same time, you have to live your life,” Mitchell said. “You have to keep getting up in the morning, you have to keep driving your car, you can’t live scared. You can live aware, and prepare yourself.